Rafael Gafni

Rafael Gafni, is not just a Real Estate Professional, he also has an Architectural degree and 39 years of vast experience in the building industry. Because of this impressive background, Rafael’s clients will benefit greatly from his expertise. As one of the country’s Senior Architects, his keen eye and attention to detail allows him to envision new possibilities when viewing a property; enabling him to uncover the hidden potential by suggesting subtle changes and modifications in the design. In addition, his comprehensive knowledge of the building code allows him to quickly assess and avoid “problem properties” – enabling him to direct his clients toward those hard-to-find, hidden gems in today’s market.

The decades that Rafael spent as a Principal and Manager has allowed him to develop invaluable skills in directing and coordinating teams of people – skills which are directly transferable to improvements, the escrow and loan process – helping him to see his clients transactions through to a quick, timely and stress-free closing.

While all of his clients benefit from his skills, background and personal attributes – those looking for a Realtor to help them unlock the unforeseen riches to be found through investing in real estate may benefit the most. Rafael also has years of property management experience, which allows him to provide investors with additional insights into how one may improve the profitability of an income producing property.